RESEARCH published my review of a lecture given at the Faculty of Architecture, CTU in Prague by Austrian architect Peter Lorenz.

You can read the article here (in Czech though).


Here you can read an article I presented at a conference (Colloquium) of architecture research students at the Faculty of Architecture CTU (FA ČVUT) in June 2011. The article is in Czech but an English summary is available.

You can download the PDF with the full version here.

Below you can find a selection of my presentations and texts written since 2009 as part of my PhD. research including the presentation from the above mentioned conference (pdf).

The common topic is - obviously - sustainability, its relationship with architecture and architectural design. I have been focusing a lot on the "soft" parameters of sustainable architecture - i.e. beauty, cultural value etc.

More recently I have concentrated my research on the concept of a "house inside a house" (climatron principle etc.). If you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me and support my research.

In case you would like to cite from the published texts and/or presentations, please let me know. These are academic works not meant for commercial publishing and any citations have to contain the proper references to the original papers.

All texts are in Czech language.


01/ Text | Integration of technologies into the building envelope | 10/2011

02/ Presentation | Architectonic concept, form and esthetics from the perspective of sustainability - "house inside a house" concept | 06/2011

03/ Presentation | The forms of sustainable architecture | 03/2011

04/ Text | Architectonic concept from the perspective of sustainability | 09/2010

05/ Presentation | Tendencies of sustainable development in architecture - architectonic concept and sustainability | 05/2010

06/ Interview | About PhD. workshop at FA ČVUT | student magazine Alfa no. 08/2010